I portray identity through modern, commercial images.


I travel to find new places of beauty.




Polish guy with a British sense of humour. Photographer. Fixing the world one pixel at a time.


Slightly over-caffeinated photographer with a strong interest in identity as a primary driver behind behaviour adoption. Particularly excited about how visual cues shape our world and create perception. Strongly intertwined with the marketing world, working alongside celebrities and global brands. Believer in strong branding and great visuals as the answer to most of your problems. Mountaineer in training. Burger connoisseur.

Fascinated by the concept of creating and embracing identity, particularly in the fast-changing Western World. A communication graduate, who translates his passion for social studies to his visual world of photography and video.

His subjects are often isolated in an abstract world, trapped between fiction and reality. The stories he comes across in his travels, inspire him to continue to innovate and evolve his style of work, where alter egos can come to life.


Selected clients